Thursday, February 25, 2010

wandering lingering thoughts as a govt employee

this is truly stream-line ramblings after a long week of excess snow shoveling, the downfall of ethics in government, and the leftover of questions that google has no answer.

The Governor of NY (assigned to said position after elected governor resigned after indiscretions with a hooker, paid on the state's dime. several thousand dimes) had a trifecta of unethical behavior exposed, thanks to the NY Times. After a multitude of decisions made in an attempt to bankrupt NY State, financially benefit his posse & ask state workers to foot the bill, cut essential programs for NY State to run efficiently lock in his nomination for bid for an elected term as GOV, the truth came forth. Not pretty.

Albany's politics have embarrassed the state. Laughable at best, shameful & disgraceful- more accurate. Both Republicans & Democrats have proven there is no line between ethical issues, what's right for the public (those that pay their salary) and self-interest (ie- greed. AKA drunk with power)

It has me pondering what exactly is the true meaning  behind the word politics and what does it mean to people anymore. Are there individuals who go into politics and actually get elected, and keep their promises (at least 85%) to the people (by the people, for the people, so say-eth the Saturday morning cartoons that also educated us on "bill, waiting to become a law" and "conjunction junction")

Does ethics mean keep your mouth shut at all costs these days? Does it mean sticking your neck out for a co-worker who has become the scape goat for voicing the truth, and possibly resulting in losing their job?

My office (day job) has some Celebrate Woman at Work (somehow turned into an acronym of WOW, yet I'm too tired to recall. The month of March, we (women) are encouraged to submit all forms of artwork to be on display for the month, yet Men are encouraged to submit as well. How is a man's submission celebrating the work of a woman? No one asked any white folk if we'd like to participate in Black Awareness month, or any other culture/ethnicity/race. I think I missed the point on that.

Then, I read an article on how negativity ruins the workplace, followed shortly by another article from another respected division of news, saying optimism is ruining the workplace. Which begs the question in my mind- when is too much, too much? Too much Pollyanna and I'm ready to slap the ever loving shit out of someone- especially before 10am, and/or coffee. Too much negativity and I'm ready to hand over the ice pick for said negative person to perform self-lobotomy. I kvetch about the lack of manners in my office, which is truly abysmal, yet the polite elevator discussions drives me just as loony. Am I a girl with no island? Or am I simply a girl with no wine/vodka/tequila on this island?

whatever the case may be, I may despise the expression Thank God Its Friday, and relish in its naked truth.

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  1. ...wait for it....wait for it....

    "I'm Black, I'm blind and I'm still alive. Now how much better do you want me to be?"

    Umm, how about you do your job? I don't care what color/disabilities/whether you're breathing but DO.YOUR.JOB.