Monday, August 31, 2009

me vs. The Man

First, let me start off by saying I fought the man today.

I can't say I was given much of a choice, and I can't say it was much of a fight, but my hormones might argue that.  I had to meet with the dean of my department to decide what my final computer programming class should be in lieu of the internship.

What started out 4 years ago as a moment of desperation has become one of the most costly decisions I have ever made. I only have myself to blame. I was working in a job that every day as I woke, I prayed that today would be the day the building would burn to the ground, I wouldn't have to go. I had a boss so holy-evil, the devil himself could finally take a vacation. A 5 year vacation. If you found yourself having unusually great luck (or even blah, not so memorable of times) rest assured it was probably because my boss held Death's stick and was not letting go. She is spiteful enough of a woman to argue with St Peter himself over the proper way to list people in his books as they walk towards the pearly gates. I promise you, a lot less souls would be in heaven if she were in charge of that, too. To have a boss that was so super micro-managing, that a co-worker had to get a doctor's note to take a cigarette break started putting things into perspective for me. If I didn't get a fire under my ass somehow, some way, I was going to rot in that cubicle under her regime. When Dilbert starts sounding profound- that is a flag. A big red flag.

In a moment of desperation, I applied to a local community college, which touts itself as having one of the top ten technology programs in the nation. What I didn't know then, was the top-ten part was top-ten transferable programs. I don't know if I'd brag about that statistic. I digress.

I have learned when people say they can get just as good of an education as they could at a private school, it's a lie. What is more insulting than a state school education? County school education. What's the icing on the county school education? The instructors. Something positive I can say about this exploration into madness was I have taught myself every language thrown my way. I have learned how to reconfigure my computer, and have become more geek-oriented than I ever imagined.

The last class I was supposed to take I would have learned the basics of 3 different types of programs. After meeting with the dean (my fight with the man), and going over what's left for my degree, its a pathetic moment. Only one class fit the bill. A class on flow charts. Mother fucking flow charts. 3 & 1/2 months of how to draw flow charts. The dean was kind enough to give me a free text book for the course, for my troubles.

I swear, I am going to have to check the degree to see it was signed by ACME.


  1. Methinks you need a margaritaaaahhhhh. The proposal should be reworked by this weekend or next, so a trip to Smalbania is imminent.

  2. Um, what happened to the version where you praise me? I liked that one.